What is the optimal way of displaying a complex 3D shape?

Hi! I am trying to display a model with a lot of faces given its’ vertices, and my current method is following:

  1. Compute the all the triangles that make up the model
  2. Create a polygon geometry for each triangle
  3. Create a instance for each geometry
  4. Add all triangle instances to a primitive
  5. Add the primitive to the scene

The performance of this method is ok. It is sure faster than add all triangles as separated entities, but still taking 5-6 second to load 60K triangles. I wonder if there are faster or more elegant ways to display the model, with or without triangles. Any help or suggestion is appreciated!

Hi @Xiaoyang_Guo,

The optimal way of displaying model data in CesiumJS is glTF. If the model data is very large or precise, 3D Tiles would likely be more appropriate.