How to optimize 3D Mesh for faster loading

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We generated texturized 3d mesh modells using photogrammetric software tool (e.g. SURE from nFrames) to display them in a cesium based application. In the application we have the problem, that the shown modells will looks quite weird as long as you are not zoomed in close enough to the object.
To have a good user experience it would be necessary that the first look is already ok, with less details, and become more detailed after zooming in.
So far we exported the 3d mesh modells in cesium format directly from the software.
What would be the best way to store the modells to have a best posible user experience?

Any help is welcome!

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The best way we’ve found to handle that, especially for really big models, is to convert it to 3D Tiles. We’ve developed a pipeline for that as part Cesium ion, you can read more about it here:

It will be available on soon but in the mean time, feel free to reach out to Tim ( if you want to try it out.