3D-Tiles. What to use for large areas

I want to display surface designs in Cesium. It is used in construction and is basically a tin surface of an area (dxf or ttm). There could be only a few triangles up to a few million triangles covering km’s. What is the best way to import this data.

I didn’t want to see it as terrain as it is a design they are working to and terrain shows the current ground. From what I have read so far in 3D Tiles Format specification I have a choice between several formats. Which of these is best suited to displaying a tinned surface.

Performance will no doubt be a factor for very large meshes. Any suggestions welcomed.

I think generating a glTF/batched 3d model would be the best format for this. The Cesium tiling pipeline doesn’t support this right now, but I opened a feature request for it:

The way these can be optimized in 3D Tiles (even with millions of triangles) is creating levels of detail with fewer triangles, that still accurately represent the mesh at that zoom level. And you can then zoom in to see the full resolution. There’s more on that here: