Geometry to 3D Tiles for maps

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I'm very interested in working with 3D Tiles and glTF. I would love to build a map of 3D building for Chattanooga area in TN. I have csv files with data (vertices, coordinates and etc) that I'm able to use with geometry. It works fine when data is reduced but if i'm trying to upload and draw all buildings and entities from original file my web browser crushes. So I've read a lot about 3DTiles and glTF but couldn't find the way to convert my data from csv to those formats of course. Can anyone suggest how to go around it? May be I can use my geometry entities and convert them to glTF format. I also have Shapefile for my map, but i'm not sure if it's 3D and it's also large (about 30MB) to be converted to OSM and then to glTF. Any suggestions and comments will be appreciated.

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Check out this thread about how to convert your data to 3D Tiles:!topic/cesium-dev/xLkYIuku9hA

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  • Rachel