pbf to 3d tiles and some thoughts about 3d tile features

I have been searching in the group for a while. I noticed it seems that we do not have a good solution for converting GeoJSON to gltf or b3dm so far. I am wondering if there is any convenient way to convert .pbf to the data formats we can use in Cesium. I read the presentation about the New York City demo. It seems in that demo, it uses .pbf data from OSM building, but it does not give much detail about how to convert the data. I noticed a lot of people in the group asking questions about "3d tile data". I am thinking whether Cesium could provide a step-by-step instruction on how to deal with data. Another thought is whether Cesium could support general data format like GeoJson soon. I found two inconvenient challenges for me to use Cesium 3d tile so far. One is the data. I tried out the Miami data from 3d Cyber City, but it works really awkward. The one tile b3dm data does not display well one the map. The other thing that annoyed me is that we have to manually design and create tileset.json file. After I ungzipped the tileset.json file for New York City, I noticed there are more than 60,000 lines for code... Will Cesium provide a way to automatically create this file?

Hopefully my response here helped clarify the New York City demo a bit.

Right now much of the work you’re describing will be done by converter tools that we’re working on, including a GeoJSON converter. I agree that editing tileset.json by hand is tedious, but that’s primarily for testing and the tools will automate all that for sure.

Hi Sean,

Thanks for the reply! That sounds great. Do you have any idea when this tool will be released?

I don’t have an exact date, but some of the tools are currently available in the beta at https://www.cesium.com/.

Hi Sean,

I am really interested about the beta vision. How can I get an account for trying it out? I tried to do "subscribe" and "forgot password", but not work.


Check out this thread and contact pcozzi@agi.com. I’m glad you’re interested!