Where did the czm_globeDepthTexture go?

I am developing using CesiumJs.
I have been using it well so far and would like to try more things.

I am using the shader in Cesium PostProcessing.

I’m trying to implement my own ssao instead of the built-in ssao by utilizing the depth texture.
However, the built-in uniform depth texture is 1 byte, which is not very precise.

So I’ve been using the czm_globeDepthTexture.
This is 4 bytes of data, which is good.

But now, when I use czm_globeDepthTexture, I get an error.

Did it get deprecated due to a version change?


float depth = czm_readDepth(czm_globeDepthTexture, v_textureCoordinates);

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I found a solution to the problem in another link.
And I succeeded in implementing SSAO.

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