where to purchase global data set of labels for political and physical features

Can anybody suggest a way to get a global set of labels of political and physical features?

We tried using the global data layer, but it just looks like a sphere with words written on it overlaid on Earth.

We want something akin to what you see in Google Maps, with the labels easily read, and with more detail appearing as we zoom in.

We're willing to purchase the data set, if need be.


Dan Barstow
Windows On Earth

Go grab the shapefiles from http://www.naturalearthdata.com/features/ . You’ll then want to do something to transform them into CZML for easy loading into Cesium.

There’s some older relevant threads in this group. No single out-of-the-box answer, but hopefully enough to point you in the right direction:


Also, for the distance/visibility aspect, you may want to look into LabelGraphics ( http://cesiumjs.org/Cesium/Build/Documentation/LabelGraphics.html ), the class that displays a Label attached to an entity. Note that it has a “translucencyByDistance” property, which might do what you want. That said, I’m not sure if or how that’s exposed to actual CZML. The CZML spec docs seem like they might be out of date. If you can’t provide that value through CZML, you could try iterating over all entities after the CzmlDataSource is loaded, and modify that property for the ones you care about.