Why can i see the outlines of tiles when rendering a sequence?

I’m pretty new to cesium and unreal and just trying to create some map zoom in animations. After placing a camera actor, making a sequence and rendering a video I am left with the outlines of tiles visible on the video as shown in the screenshot. Any ideas what I can do to render the animation properly?


Hi @Joe123,

What versions of Unreal Engine + Cesium for Unreal are you using? We’ve seen these kinds of artifacts with previous versions of Cesium for Unreal, but we’ve tried to address this in the latest version of the plugin.

Hi, I am using Unreal 5.3.1 and Cesium v1.31.2 which I believe are up to date


Could you try using Cesium for Unreal v2.0.0, which is actually the latest version? This is the version that includes the fixes. You can make a backup of your project if you’re wary about switching versions.