Why cartesian2 return vt after update lasted version CesiumJS

In VERSION 1.95 => return Cartesian2

In VERSION 1.102 => return vt (what is vt)

Same input but different output

Why Cesium.Cartesian2 return other result.
I think 1.95 result is correct but 1.102 result is wrong.

Hi, how are you importing Cesium into your application? vt is showing up since the minified code is being used.

Hi Gabby.
I use ‘script src=“/Build/Cesium/Cesium.js”></script’ at head tag

I took a hint from what you said and changed it to the Unified version. The error disappeared, but an error related to type appeared. This seems to be a problem caused by my code that does not consider type because I do not write typescript. Thank you for your help.