Why do i use Cesium ION functionality when linking CesiumJS?

Hi, I am playing with CesiumJS and have not added the javascript library to my own server, instead linking in my HTML file:


My question is, it appears to be a CesiumJS build/distribution by name (so the open soure version), so why is a Cesium ION credit banner displayed in the canvas?

Reformulating the question, is there a build available that you can cross-link and that only uses free features of CesiumJS?

Related to the question, which tile services are also free to use / royalty free? is there a list available?

Hi @Patins,

Thanks for reaching out!

The following code example turns off all resources from Cesium ion: https://sandcastle.cesium.com/index.html?src=Offline.html . That covers removing the default imagery layer, the geocoder, and the base layer picker (which would allow your users to select an imagery layer from ion even if you didn’t explicitly add it to your app).

I hope that helps.


Thanks, I actually did set already baseLayerPicker and geocoder to false and chose my own tile service, still , also in the sandcastle link you provided, CESIUM ion is displayed in the bottom left corner. What am I missing?

If you’re not using Cesium ion, we appreciate having the logo but it’s certainly not required to show.