Wms layer is not desplaying on map

Hi everyone. I am using cesiumjs 1.89. I am trying to add wms layer on cesium map using geoserver, geoserver is hosted into tomcat. I have enabled cors in tomcat web.xml and published the wms layer from geoserver. But wms layer is not displaying on map, also i am not getting any error. when i tried to run my code in sandcastle, I am getting below error

Error : An error occurred in “WebMapServiceImageryProvider”: Failed to obtain image tile X: 1 Y: 0 Level: 0.

My code is Here, Also I have uploade an image from sandcastle in which i am getting blue circular layer not exact image that i want, please check the updated file. Please help me if anyone has faced same issue and resolved it.

const viewer = new Cesium.Viewer(“cesiumContainer”);
var provider = new Cesium.WebMapServiceImageryProvider({

url : ‘’,

layers: ‘Wmts_service:mosaic_export’,

parameters : {

  transparent : true,

  tiled : true,

  format : 'image/png'


proxy: new Cesium.DefaultProxy(’/proxy/’)



Please provide the capabilities document for the WMTS (and WMS?) servers. You might try setting transparent to false to eliminate anything strange from happening there. Are any of the tiles being retrieved properly?

Thank you so much @Scott_Reynolds for your reply.

I have resolved the issue.


Please tell us what you did to fix the problem so that others may learn from your experience.

Just I enabled cors into tomcat web.xml instead of geoserver web.xml.