Worth a look...

I found some really interesting things as I was browsing around the web that I thought you’d all appreciate.





  • Adam

With 16 views and 0 comments, I hope me posting these links didn’t come off in the wrong light.

I posted them only to bring more ideas to the table.

Such as iPhone/Android app compatibility (I can imagine this is a massive undertaking but I trust we can all agree of it’s significance).

Also, adding SHIFT as an alternative to clicking the mouse wheel for mouselook. (I’m sure this is easy and even I, your annoying newbie little brother can figure it out.)

And the one from France has some beautiful approaches to imagery/terrain as well as the ability to draw on the terrain with an adjustable tool in order to enlarge the peaks and add colour.

It also appeared they’ve bound a key that allowed them to drag the mouse back and forth anywhere on the canvas to move the clock ahead or backwards combined with some really nice lighting fx.

Anyway, long story short, Cesium is amazing!

Everything you’ve done and plan to do is incredible and I’d like to continue assisting in any way I can.

I really look forward to the future of this project and I feel honoured to even share a forum with all of you.


  • Adam Skinner

Hi Adam,

No worries, we’re always interested to see what other folks are up to out there. I’ll point out that the SHIFT-left-mouse combo is already assigned a different behavior than the middle mouse. Maybe you could try adding CTRL-left-mouse as an alternate for folks that don’t have middle mouse buttons. Look in Source/Scene/ScreenSpaceCameraController.js, particularly for “_lookHandler” and “_rotateHandler.”

We’ve got a good amount of Android compatibility now with Firefox (WebGL in stable, on by default), and Chrome (WebGL in stable, still behind an enable flag that we hope will disappear someday soon).

Also, exciting discovery this weekend for me: Opera Beta for Android now uses the Chromium engine instead of their old Presto engine, and Cesium works great in it. WebGL on by default, same performance as Chrome for Android, and Opera allows the use of the full-screen button (Chrome for Android does not). Great to see Cesium on my phone without a giant URL bar taking all the space in Landscape mode, and even Android’s top status bar disappears in fullscreen mode. This will be great when Opera promotes this to stable.

iOS… What’s up Apple? Turn on WebGL already! :slight_smile:


I hope me posting these links didn’t come off in the wrong light.

No, not at all. You’ve shared many useful links in the past. In particular, you brought TopoJSON to our attention, which we are now looking at for a Google Summer of Code project.

I’ve actually been familiar with both of these projects for a while. In particular, I’ve traded emails with the Glob3 folks when they first started. Their COM.Geo paper cites my and Kevin’s book. :slight_smile:

Proland is the work of Éric Bruneton (who reviewed some of our book), and his rendering work is simply amazing. One day we’ll get to his papers: http://proland.inrialpes.fr/publications.html. Right now, our water and atmosphere are pretty basic from a rendering perspective, and we haven’t even looked at foliage and clouds.