Finished my first Cesium App!

Finished my first Cesium App and thought I’d share!!

I ended up combining Cesium with Three.js and Velocity.js for the final Moon transition.

Thanks again for answering all my questions!


ps I’ve got all kinds of peeps from school, etc asking me about Cesium now!!

Very cool!


Great job Scott! Fun App.

Thanks Ed & Jep! Awesome!

I actually re-compressed last night and re-deployed. Had some folks having trouble with it. The new link is :

I ended up using a Node server in the deployment … not sure if that’ll help but figured I give it a shot. Although I’m pretty sure it only works in Chrome.

I think I could make the whole app lighter if I can figure out a relatively quick way which Cesium dependencies I’m not using, too.

Oh, and I’m doing the Salesforce Hackathon today in SF … might have to bring a taste of Cessy with me on this one!! ha Wish me luck!