Space Apps Challenge Kickoff


Scott, Matt, Hannah, Dan, and I are using Cesium in the NASA International Space Apps Challenge this weekend. At least some of us - maybe all - are working on the Earth from Space challenge to display images taken by middle school students from the ISS. Follow our progress on github:


Good luck guys, nice way to get Cesium out there!

Sábado, 20 de Abril de 2013 14:11:53 UTC+1, Patrick Cozzi escreveu:

Nice stuff!

Wow, I see you are using the leap motion controller for gesture control. How is it going so far? I personally got a developer kit to work on enhancing gesture support on Google Earth via which recently added support for Kinnect. The linux API for leap didn’t work out that well for me.Probably sometime later,cesium can also have a more comprehensive gesture support. Just a thought.

All the best for the challenge

To update everyone on the Space Apps Challenge, you can run the live demo (in progress) here:

The code is on github. We have basic Leap Motion controller support integrated into Cesium (but not the app yet):

Dan can speak more to the technical details of the controller when we’re not under a time crunch. 6 hours until judging.


We finished the space apps challenge. Check out our EarthKAM Explorer built on Cesium - Our project page has more info and pictures from the event.

We took 2nd place here in Philadelphia, which qualifies us for global judging. Global winners will be announced on May 22. We really just wanted to build awareness of Cesium so this is a pleasant bonus.

We’re working on getting our presentation on YouTube. I’ll send out the link when it is ready. We’ll also get a blog post up soon.


Here’s the video of Matt and Dan presenting at the Space Apps Challenge -