NASA International Space Apps Challenge


This is a great opportunity to do some hackathon-paced app development with Cesium - NASA International Space Apps Challenge. Is anyone familiar with this? Chris?

Last year, several apps used virtual globes and maps. This year, there will even be an event in Philadelphia.

It goes over the weekend, April 20-21. Any interest? Seems like a great opportunity to build awareness of Cesium with NASA, who would certainty benefit from it, and beyond.


Hey Patrick,

Sean here with the Space Apps Challenge core team. We'd love to have Cesium participate! There's quite a bit of interest in virtual mapping and data visualization, and from browsing the Cesium website it looks like you guys are doing some awesome work there.

Let me know if you guys have any questions about the event or if there's anything we can do to help!



Thanks for reaching out. As of now, there are a few of us planning to participate this year. We’ll let you know if we have any questions.



I just wanted to publicly throw my hat in the ring since I’m one of the “us” that Patrick mentioned. Since we’re just outside Philadelphia, I assume we would participate at that location. Has the actual venue been chosen yet?


The Space Apps Challenge is actually going to be in more than 50 cities worldwide simultaneously. You can see the full list of cities we’ve announced so far at I don’t believe the Philly organizers have announced their venue yet. We’re going to be opening registration on March 1st and specific venues will be announced then.



This is off-topic, but I just love your CSS-only spinning globe on


Thanks Ed! It was fun to make.

Registration is now open for the NASA Space Apps Challenge:

Turns out Philadelphia is the “mainstage” this year. There is also ~75 other locations.



Are we planning on a united effort regarding the challenge? I suppose we should talk offline (along with anyone else interested in this) and figure out what our overall plan is.


Once the challenges go live, we can discuss publically what Cesium folks are interested in. I believe their website will be setup for this collaboration. I suspect we’ll split across multiple projects based on individual interests.

I am also investigating broader involvement from other AGIers.


The challenges for the Space Apps Challenge are up -

They are considered beta, but look pretty flushed out. A LOT of them could use Cesium.

As far as organizing our efforts:

  • This is over a weekend for fun. Work on whatever you want with whoever you want. I suspect 1-2 Cesium folks per team over several teams, not one team with all Cesium folks. This is inline with the collaborative spirit of the event and is more credible for Cesium.
  • Each challenge has a section for comments. Let’s start one thread per challenge (we’re interested in) on this mailing list, and use the challenge’s comments to point others to our discussion.

So far Matt, Dan, Alex, Scott, and I are registered. Now’s a good time to register -


I started a new thread for my app idea. I’m also interested in several other apps. My notes on those are below. Start new threads for apps you are interested in.


Great to see so much interest from you guys! Please let us know from a Space Apps planning side if there is anything we can do to help. I would also encourage you to share your ideas in the comments of every relevant challenge to let other participants know about Cesium and how it could be relevant to their work.

(NASA Space Apps Challenge Core Team)

Thanks for the support Sean. Yeap - the plan is to comment on each challenge we are interested in as we move forward.


This event is only two weeks away. It would be great to get some discussion flowing.