Apps for Philly Transit Hackathon

The Apps for Philly Transit Hackathon is scheduled for September 20-22. Like the Space Apps Challenge Hackathon, this will be a fun event to get a team together to show Cesium with some cool data from SEPTA and other folks.

If you’re able to make it, express your interest here and RSVP on the meetup page:



A few folks informally told me they are attending this hackathon this weekend. Who all is in?

We should start throwing around ideas this week.


I plan to be there.

Alex, Dan, and I are in for the Apps for Philly Transit hackathon. Scott and Matt are maybes.

I converted a variety of planes, trains, and automobiles to glTF models for use during the hackathon.

Here are my app ideas in order of preference:

1) Philly Airport Visualization

Use the the PHL REST API (which we may have to host on our own server) to show the flights leaving each terminal of the airport with lines to the other city. We could shade the terminals based on how busy they are and provide advice on what security gate to go through for a given flight. This would be a great opportunity to add line styles to Cesium, and to use the new extruded geometries and the balloon widget. In addition, PHL may be actually interested in a visualization like this.

This API does not provide real-time plane positions. Here’s what it does provide.

2) Real-Time Septa Visualization

Use the bus/trolley route and location APIs of the Septa REST API to provide a real-time visualization of Septa complete with extruded building locations.

3) Google Earth for Philadelphia

Pull together as much open data from Philadelphia as possible into a 3D viewer. Given the big open-data movement in Philadelphia, this may be of significant interest to the city. Data sources include:

We can also improve our support for the Leap Motion controller and bring a tablet for demoing.


We are up and running at the hackathon.

Checkout our app in progress:

And follow the repo on github:


If you’re following along, we deployed a few new features:

We’ll get some UI and descriptions on things tomorrow.


Nice work! It’s great to see the result is open source as well.