Mike LP joins the Cesium team


Please join me in welcoming Mike LP to the Cesium team at AGI. You may have already noticed Mike helping out here on the forum, mentoring the Sandcastle Google Summer of Code project (ideas welcome), and his work on the Windows on Earth project, which he migrated from Google Earth to Cesium.

Mike is the first in our Developers Relation position, with the specific vision of supporting and growing our community. Check out his initial blog post and please reply here to say hi to him.


This is great news!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Excellent, with more people helping out on the forums maybe now I’ll spend more time on my projects and less on the forums. Though I suppose this means no more major updates to the Windows on Earth project. I still think that having a 3D cupola model along with 6DOF camera control (like an astronaut would have) with a 3DMouse would have been a nice extra touch to an already great program. Congratulations, I look forward to your contributions!

Hello Mike = ]

I’m glad to see you will improve the tutorial. I feel sandcastle is a great demo, and wish to see more “tiny and light” examples to demo the cesium power.

Have a nice day ~