Wrong orientation of model in v1.0


I tested the soon-to-be-released v1.0 and noticed my model
was no more displayng correctly.

Even after changing the transform from eastNorthUpToFixedFrame
to northEastDownToFixedFrame the result is still not good.

I also updated the gltf converter and generated again the models.

Is there something else to do?

Working b31: http://dev.camptocamp.com/files/gberaudo/b31/
Incorrect v1.0: http://dev.camptocamp.com/files/gberaudo/v1.0/


I believe the problem is that the public glTF model converter on the website doesn’t yet create models that are compatible with the latest glTF spec which is used by Cesium 1.0. Once we release 1.0 tomorrow, we will update the converter and you should be able to convert to the new format.

Hello Scott,

I used master branch of gltf converter tool at

Commit version is df4892809111a8c6dbff4fab6c386a24745d344e from July

If my understanding is correct, it is supposed to generate gltf 0.8
files, the same version as used in Cesium 1.0.


Guillaume Beraudo

I could be off on this but I would think that this would be a result of this change in the API:

"Model primitives are now rotated to be Z-up to match Cesium convention; glTF stores models with Y up."

Hi Guillaume,

If you are using the model converter on cesiumjs.org, Cesium 1.0, and eastNorthUpToFixedFrame, the orientation should be correct. If it isn’t, can you please post the model (COLLADA) and your example code?


Hi Patrick and David,

Using Cesium web converter and eastNorthUpToFixedFrame the orientation
is wrong and the buildings are below terrain (an offset to the position
reveals their presence).

The collada file is at

It opens with fme and is the same source used with b31 example.


Guillaume Beraudo

Hi Guillaume,

How was this COLLADA file generated? It does not open in Mac Preview (see the troubleshooting guide at the bottom of the tutorial). Regardless, the converter does not choke on it.

Looks like the up axis in the COLLADA file is wrong. Change it to:



Model orientation was changed in 1.0 to be consistent with the rest of Cesium, you should now use northEastDownToFixedFrame instead of eastNorthUpToFixedFrame.

Hi Patrick,

Editing the Collada file fixed the issue.
I guess previous converters where forcing a z_up axis.

This collada was generated by Meshlab based on a CityGML/VRML tile.

Thank you very much for your help.