Model orientation

Along with yesterday’s 1.2 release came several important fixes to glTF model orientation and conversion. This includes not only internal Cesium changes, but also changes to the online converter. If you’re using 3D models in Cesium, you should re-convert your models after upgrading to 1.2.

If you are still having issues after updating; please let us know.



Hi Matt,

A massive thankyou for the work on the models/orientation… I was tearing my hair out trying to learn about quaternions, and that along with conversion of skp to dae to gltf, I suspected I was doing something wrong (I still suspect that!!!) - the models were converted without errors but their orientation, and rotations are/were a bit “random”.

In the first test of reconverting the trawler models I’m using, they all seem to behave in a consistent manner now.

I just need to get my head around how quaternion rotation works - I simply need my boats to point in the ‘right’ direction when they are tracking their czml supplied courses.



Thanks Brian; I’m just the messenger. Credit goes to Tom Fili and the glTF team for finally working through the fixes. We are also hoping to add easier orientation options to Cesium in the future, like direction of travel and pointing; but there’s no ETA for them yet.