Easy model orientation (and quaternions)


Is there any QUICK and PRACTICAL way to change the orientation of some models, loaded through a CZML file, in Cesium?

Right now, to change the orientation of a model, I try to guess the rotation it takes to make them orthogonal to the terrain, then convert the Euler angles to Quaternion, eventually placing them within the CZML file.

Unfortunately, I don’t seem to quite get the rotations right: even though the Euler -> Quaternion, Quaternion -> Euler conversion return the correct angles, the model rotates in a weird way and even little changes in the angles produce unintuitive rotations in the model.

I’ve got 50+ GLTF models and getting the rotation right for each of them, basically by guessing, it’s getting… annoying :slight_smile:


hi, did you ever get this working? I am also having difficulty just rotating a model by 90° - one would think this is simple, but as you states, small changes lead to unpredictable rotation results.

No, unfortunately I did not. I’m still getting crazy on that stuff…