orientation of 3d-model wrong

I am showing a flightpath with a flying aircraft.
The orientation is given as quaternians like

    "orientation" : {
      "epoch" : "2017-11-22T13:30:14Z",
      "unitQuaternion": [
        0,0,0,0.2351247966, 0.9719651937,
        0.198963,0,0,0.234524101, 0.9721103311,
        0.41867,0,0,0.2342444509, 0.9721777439,
        0.599866,0,0,0.2340208888, 0.9722315669,

Which should result to ~psi(yaw)=25°, theta=0.°, phi=180°

But the aircraft looks linke having theta~45°

What am I doing wrong?

How can I add a screenshot or a file showing the orientation of the aircraft?

Hi there,

You should be able to “Attach a file” to your post to add a screenshot.

glTF 2.0 models (the type of 3D models used by CZML) were corrected to face +Z forwards per specification. Internally Cesium uses +X as forward, so a new +Z to +X rotation was added for 2.0 models only. To fix models that are oriented incorrectly after this change:

[Fix the glTF model]
Apply a -90 degree rotation to the model’s heading. This can be done by setting the model’s orientation using the Entity API or from within CZML. See #6738 for more details.



thank for your answer.
There was something wrong with my adjustments, but as “attech a file” now appears …

In screenshot.docx you can see how the airplane is shown. It should not “hang” the way it does but fly nearly straight.

screenshot.docx (2.45 MB)

I got it working for my belongings:
seems as if I am using a different coordinatesystem.
My quaterions are (compared to Cesiums): w, -z, -y ,x