wrong tilemapresource.xml file


i am having some problem with cesium's TileMapServiceImageryProvider. actually

i have converted my custom tiff files to mbtile format using maptiler. then i


it on a server on my xampp aplication to serve the map on the website. then i

put my url that is http://localhost/ddm/final as a imagery provider on the


but nothing is coming on the cesium globe. no error is also coming on the

console. but i have checked thoroughly and found out the tilemapresource.xml

file of that is incorrect. i have no idea how to change it as it is inside the

file and the file is in mbtile

format. its opening only in maptiler and i don't know how to go inside and

change that file.can anyone please tell me how to do this or is there any

other chance for this error? kindly help me on this. thanks in advance.

waiting for answers.