Yet another COVID-19 map but in 3D

Hi there, I’ve just came back here and I liked what I saw. Nice community. I made a nightly challenge for myself just to create a map with timeline to visualize covid-19 situation day by day. I know I am missing some but probably, when I find time, I can complete it in a short time :slight_smile:

Here is the video of the application:

Here is the application link:



I love seeing Cesium apps that have a really stylized aesthetic - thanks for sharing this!

Is this using like a custom base layer, or are those all polygons created dynamically?

Thank you for your nice comment.

They are simplified country polygons colorized and extruded up to their values. Unfortunately, I am limited to use only scene and primitives, so I cannot reach useful capabilities of Cesium like CallbackProperty and entity tools. I saw that kind of visualization 1-2 years back on some cesium example.