3D city model of Berlin published under Open Data license

Berlin has a 3D City Model developed in 2007-2009 which has been updated and extended based on the project since 2009. The 3D City Model contains around 540,000 buildings on more than 890 km² of city space in the so-called level of detail 2 (LOD2). The buildings were automatically texturized oblique aerial photos. Additionally, the 3D City Model Berlin contains detailed models of selected buildings (LOD3/LOD4) and other structures, roadside trees and monuments.
Within the scope of the Open Data Initiative of the state of Berlin, the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research has made the LOD2 building data and the digital surface models captured in 2013 available for free download. There are two ways to download the data: either by downloading the 3D building data in the original data structure (CityGML+texture images in a ZIP archive) or individual buildings or smaller areas (up to 9 km²) in six different data formats.

For the download of the original data in the CityGML format, please access the website


The original data has been split among the boroughs in order to reduce the data amounts in the archives and enable the download of individual sections of the city model. The download of smaller areas or individual buildings in six different output formats is available on the download portal Berlin 3D at:


In order to use the download portal, which enables interactive data selection in a 3D map application, predefined technical requirements have to be met that are describes in the following chapter. The description of the technical requirements is followed by instructions for the 3D download portal and an explanation of the available data formats.

More information at


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Thanks for all the details! We came across this the other day and definitely will be looking into it.