3D Models in different views (2D, 2.5D)

Hallo there,
I have a 3D model of a village clamped to terrain and it works fine. However, when i switch to 2d and COLUMBUS view all buildings shifts from their location.

I had a slimier problem when i was grouping my buildings in one model, i have used ECEF" Earth centered Earth fixed" Cartesian coordinates system, the building located in the model center is in its right location but buildings 400 meters away from the center starts to shift from their footprint location. I also used sketchup geo location tool and positioned the building using google imagery, yet it is the same problem. eventually i had to render the building then move it in sketchup the render it and so on until it fits .
could this be happening due earth curvature,and if so ,shouldn’t using Cartesian coordinates solve this issue?


 globe view                                                                                                                                            Columbus view

The method of rendering models in 2D is probably just not accurate enough for this right now. Our main test case was small-ish models that didn’t require exact geolocation. Only the translation aspect is accounted for but in reality the model should scale as well based on its latitude. There may have been some other limiting factor in showing larger models in 2D without splitting them, but I forget the details.

I think this is worthy of more investigation though so I’m going to open up an issue for it.