3d tiles 1.1 with implicit tiling


I try to display a 3dtiles generated with cdb to 3dtiles. It work with the 1.0 3dtiles but when i try the 1.1 with implicite tiling that what i have on every gltf:

( This one is working with cesiumJS)

Is there any problem with implicite tiling and cesium for unreal ?

From the description until now, this sounds like something that is not specific for Cesium For Unreal, and not related to implicit tiling. It sounds like there are simply errors or invalid values in the glTF files.

You might want to …

  • Drag-and-drop some of the glTF files (where these errors come from) into the validator at glTF Validator , and see whether it reports errors
  • Maybe share one of the glTF files, so that others can have a look (if the data can be shared)

(If there are errors in the glTF files, then the question is still whether these are caused by CDB-to-3DTiles, or whether the original input data is invalid in one way or another, causing further errors in the downstream process…)

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Sorry for the late answer.

After some test, there is some problems with some gltf witch have accessors min and max set to null and translation set to null. I will investigate futher to know if the problem is from he original input data or from cdb-to-3dtiles.
But there is juste few models with this problem.

I have this

witch maybe could explain why nothing is display. What do you think ?

Note that i can display the 3dtiles with cesiumJS.

Are you using a specific version of cdb-to-3dtiles (for example, one that was compiled from the 3d-tiles-next branch)? I think that a few things might not be entirely up to date in some cases…

The warning that you see strongly suggests that the .subtree files contain the subtree JSON in an outdated format: The contentAvailability originally was a single object. In the released version of the standard (3D Tiles 1.1), it actually is an array of objects. CesiumJS still supports the old (legacy) format, but cesium-native does not.

(It might be possible to somehow fix these files, but there is no existing tool that I’m aware of that could do this, so if this is possible, it would require a bit of manual imlementation work)

Yes i use 3d-tiles-next branch so it might because of what you say.
Thanks you for the answer.