3DTiles NOT Show in UE4

Hi Guys @BaoTran @Marco13:
I need some help, I try to use Cesium for Unreal import a 3Dtiles in UE4, The 3DTiles is looks good in Cesium ion, BUT I cant see it in UE4. I dont know whats wrong with it?

(Left: Cesium ion, Right: UE4)

Follow is my 3dtiles file:

Are there any error messages in the output log ("Window” Menu → Developer Tools → Output Log)? If not, would it be possible to share the tileset (maybe privately), so that the developers can try it out locally, to see what might be wrong?

thanks for reply, Output Log didnt show any error. The tileset maybe too large to upload here,so I upload it to google drive and share the link to you

Based on the provided tileset, the main reason for the tileset not being rendered is that it contains point cloud data, and this is not yet supported.

This is indicated by a warning in the console:

… [warning] [TileContentFactory.cpp:74] No loader registered for tile with content type ‘’ and magic value ‘pnts’.

Admittedly, the message could be clearer: For end-users, it should just say: “Point clouds are not supported”, and it should probably be an error message, and not only a warning. Also, I could/should have guessed that based on the directory screenshots that you posted, which clearly contained a pnts directory.

The support for point cloud rendering is currently being worked on. This is part of the pull request at Add point cloud rendering (support glTF POINTS geometry) by nithinp7 · Pull Request #627 · CesiumGS/cesium-unreal · GitHub (cc @Nithin_Pranesh ), and will probably be part of one of the next releases.

An aside: There is another problem, with the B3DM part of that tileset, which I haven’t analyzed in all depth, but based on the symptoms/error message, is almost certainly related to Replace glTF enum properties with primitives (int/string), and provide a class with known enum values · Issue #258 · CesiumGS/cesium-native · GitHub - I hope that this will also be addressed soon.

Thank you very much! Its a very usefull information to me. Have a nice day!