Imported pointclouds not showing in UE4

Hi all,

Thank you for this beautiful plugin, I am enjoying it greatly indeed.

I am a very photogrammetric guy. I regularly create my own LAZ datasets with drones and use them in various forms, but my favourite workflow includes importing them directly in UE4.

Now, I succeeded importing my LAZ point clouds into Cesium Ion and locating them properly in the world. I can see them and navigate through them without any trouble in Cesium catalogue (see image below).

But when I try to add the asset in a UE4 scene, the object name appears in the World Outliner list, the billboard appears in the scene, but the pointcloud is not seen, even if I focus on it and switch off all other objects.

My question is, are pointcloud assets supported in UE4 as a renderable objects?

If so, what I am missing?

Otherwhise I must think about other not-so-flexible alternatives (i.e. LiDAR pointcloud support plugin)

Any feedback will be super welcome.


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Hi @gnomusy - Point Cloud support is on the roadmap and we expect to be working on it in a few months. Please chime in at Support non-glTF, non-b3dm tile payloads · Issue #12 · CesiumGS/cesium-unreal · GitHub to let us know you are interested. This helps us gauge community interest for new features.