Geometry representation problem for 3DTiles in UE

Hi, I have created 3DTiles using Cesium ion and it is properly visualized in Cesium ion. There is no problem with its geometry in Cesium ion. But, when I add the 3DTiles from ion to Unreal Engine, some surfaces of buildings have been removed. Can you please help me to fix the problem?

Please provide more information. What sort of data did you tile? Are there any messages in the Output Log? What version of Cesium for Unreal?

I converted CityGML data to the 3D Tile using the Cesium ion. It is correctly converted and visualized in Cesium ion. Here is the warning in the output log:

LogCesium: Warning: [2023-10-11 12:16:24.817] [warning] [TilesetJsonLoader.cpp:428] Tile did not contain a geometricError. Using half of the parent tile’s geometric error.
LogNavigation: Warning: Exporting geometry with too many verticies (1128897). This might cause performance and memory issues. Simplify collision or change GeometryExportVertexCountWarningThreshold. See ‘CesiumGltfPrimitiveComponent /Game/FirstScene.FirstScene:PersistentLevel.Cesium3DTileset_3.CesiumGltfComponent_30. mesh 0 primitive 1’.

I used the Cesium for Unreal plugin version: 1.28.0

What Unreal Engine version are you using? Do you see any differences on newer versions of the plugin? (e.g., Cesium for Unreal 1.31.1)

I updated the plugin to version 1.31.1 and the problem still exists.
I am using UE version 5.1.1. Also, I updated UE to version 5.2. but it did not fix it.

Apologies for the delayed response. I know you said it works in Cesium ion, but you confirm that it works in a Sandcastle too?

If it does work in CesiumJS, then we may have to look closer at the tileset itself to figure out what’s going on.