Can't load local 3d tiles in UE4.27

Hello, I’m a newer here.
Long story short, I have a CDB database and I want to load it in UE4.I used github “cdb_to_3dtiles” tool to convert the cdb tiles into 3dtiles, then I import 3dtiles in UE, but nothing displayed, even I pressed F key or double clicked the Cesium3DTileset I created. I download a software called 3dtiles browser to check if the 3d tiles I converted has any errors, and they are displayed correctedly in that software.If I download Melbourne database from cesium server, it works too, so now I’m confused, where am I wrong?
Can somebody help me, please?

This is the database I converted, works well in the 3d tiles browser.

This is the Melbourne database I downloaded from cesium server, works too.

But if I load my own 3d tiles, nothing showed.

To get more information, I also download the 3d-tiles-sample in github to compare, but still, nothing showed in the scene.

Hi @FanLongyun,

It looks like your tileset URL contains a files:/// prefix, but it should actually be file:///. So remove the extra “s”.

Hopefully that helps, but if there are still issues, please post any errors you see from the Output Log so we can get more info. We no longer support UE 4.27, so we’re limited in the support we can provide. We strongly encourage everyone to upgrade to UE 5.1 or later in order to receive the most recent updates to the plugin :slight_smile:

It really works, thank you so much!