3D Tiles use case possible/viable?

Hi all!
I have a potential use case for a project using 3D tiles, and I was wondering if it is possible or viable to implement.

Use case: I plan on creating an application that, in 15 minute intervals, automatically update a 3d tileset based on data retrieved from a database and display it. The tileset would contains models of many ships at specific locations all around the world as well as some environmental data like weather. So for example, at the current time we have a tileset that displays ships at their respective locations, then in 15 minutes, the application will gather updated info of the ship’s location from a database, then update the 3D tiles to reflect the new locations of the ships and then display it.

Questions: Is there a way to automatically update or create 3D tiles like in the example? Is updating 3D tiles in the following manner even possible? If 3D tiles cannot support this or is not viable, what alternative formats should I look into.

Many thanks,

Hi @tealminivan , You can use Javascript’s default timer setInterval to fetch the data and update entities. You can clear all existing entities before creating new entities by using code: viewer.entities.removeAll().

If you want to know anything else, please let us know.


Thanks @Jacky, you are the best!