Cesium Ion / Cesium JS Compatibility Problems

Hi everyone,

I have a question about the 3D Tiles that are created in Cesium Ion and its streaming capabilities in CesiumJS.
Me and my team are developing a web application with CesiumJS/Cesium Ion to visualize 3D building assets and other 3D objects.
So far we have worked with FME to create 3D Tiles from CityGMLs but the performance of our application is hampered because the tiles are very big and we are not sure how to optimize their streaming for CesiumJS.

Now I would like to inspect the possibilities of using the Cesium Ion to create 3D Tiles from CityGMLs to optimize for rendering in our application.
I uploaded a sample CityGML to Cesium Ion, chose clamp to terrain and make available for download. I then tried to use the created 3D Tileset and upload into our application.
However, for some reason the 3D Tiles are not visible in our application. Is there anything I need to do to make the 3D Tiles compatible with CesiumJS? Are there specific versions that are only compatible with each other?
Is there anything else I that I am missing?

I would love to have the help from the community on this. Please let me know if any of you have any thoughts or suggestions on this

Hi there,

3D Tilesets generated in Cesium ion should generally work in CesiumJS. Would you be able to shared a Sandcastle code example showing the problem so we can help debug?

Hi Gabby,

thanks a lot for the reply. I’ll get back to you with the code example.
In the meantime, I have another question: It seems that the 3D Tileset that is created from a citygml file in cesium ion through the 3D Tiling pipeline does not have all the attributes attached to the objects compared to what should be in it from the citygml file. For example the gml_id is missing and some other attributes that are encoded in the citygml input file.
Is that anything you can comment on? And is there a way to remedy that?

Good question. I think the best way to get the proper answer for this would be to open a new thread in #cesium-ion as it deals with the data processing side of things rather than the CesiumJS runtime.