CityGML conversion to 3D Tiles - missing attributes

Hi everyone,

I uploaded a CityGML file to Cesium Ion and I’m using the output 3D tiles in a CesiumJS application. However, I have noticed that many of the object attributes are missing when I try to select a specific building on the map viewer. Most importantly, the gml_id is missing, which is a big problem because I need this information to link to data in an external database.

I noticed that someone else already mentioned the same issue in this thread: Cesium Ion / Cesium JS Compatibility Problems - CesiumJS - Cesium Community

Do you have any tips on how I can remedy this?

Many thanks in advance for your help!


Thanks for reporting this @ellieroy This definitely sounds like a problem on our end. Can you share the asset ID with us so that a developer can reproduce the problem (and hopefully fix it).



Hi Matt, thanks for your fast reply! The asset ID is 1636402.

Hi @Matt_Amato, I was wondering if you have a general idea of how long it would take for your developers to look into this issue (and potentially fix it)? I might need to start considering other options to get round this, but that depends on the time frame on your side.

I’ve managed to get round this issue by using FME to copy the gml_id to a new generic attribute defined for each building. Cesium Ion writes the generic attributes to the properties of each 3D tile feature.

@ellieroy Thanks for letting us know you have a workaround. We are now tracking this issue internally and will hopefully publish a full fix in the near future (but no concrete ETA at this time).



Yesterday we released an update to the CityGML tiler on ion and it now includes a gml:id property in the metadata of the 3D Tiles tileset for each building.

This improvement will also ship as part of our on-prem tilers later this month.