Generate 3d tiles on the client

We have a client side app that is generating large numbers of 3d building models and displaying these in cesium.

However, we would now like to switch to using 3d tiles. Is there a way to do this, all on the client side?

I am wondering, is there a way in the API to create tiles?
For example, lets take the sandbox with the three boxes:

Is there a way to put each of these boxes in a different tile using the api?

Hi there,

You’ll need to do your data conversion offline. Ultimately, Cesium ion will do this, but for now you can reach out to Tim to use our conversion tools.



Dear Gabby,

Thanks for your reply. In our case, we are developing a web app where designers are generating content and immediately viewing it. Sending it off to a server for conversion would be too slow. But I gather from your answer that there is no easy way to get around this at the current time.

I did notice that in the runtime editing FAQ it says the following:

The general case runtime editing of geometry on a building, vector data, etc., and then efficiently saving those changes in a 3D Tile will be possible, but is not the initial focus.

Do you have any idea about when this might be developed?



Hi Patrick,

No immediate plans as far as I’m aware. If you would like to explore this on your own, contributions would be greatly appreciated!