3D Tiles Visibility Quality

Hi everyone,

I need some ideas to show my 3D Tiles with better quality. I created a model and updated it in Cesium, also i uploaded that file into the Infraworks and i saw a noticeable difference in quality. Is there any way to increase model quality in Cesium?

I uploaded images for you to check both of them.

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This is Infraworks:

This is Cesium:

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Hi there,

It looks like Infraworks has a few setting enabled that are not enabled by default in CesiumJS:

  • Using antialiasing will avoid the artifacts around areas with high detail
  • Alternative lighting can help enhance your scene. It also looks like Infraworks may be using Image-based lighting.
  • Shadows will work alongside the lighting to add realism
  • Ambient occlusion is useful to make BIM/architecture model details more apparent

There may be other differences as well, but I’m not familiar with all of Infraworks’s visual quality settings.