Enhancing Initial View Quality in CesiumIon

Hello everyone,

I’m relatively new to using CesiumIon / CesiumJS and I have some inquiries regarding enhancing the quality of the initial view for a 3D Tile.

Currently, when loading tile data into the viewer, the initial view lacks most of the features, making it difficult to perceive the overall structure of the model. However, upon zooming into the model, the features become visible. Our focus is to enhance the detail at the Zero level tiling to ensure better quality in the initial view.

I’m seeking advice or alternative methods to improve the Zero level tiling details, aiming to enhance the quality of the model’s initial view.

Thank you for your assistance.

If you can provide more information that will help us understand the issue better

  • Can you provide a specific asset id or Sandcastle for us to investigate further?
  • What type of data was the 3d tile created from?
  • Was this data tiled by Cesium ion or another application?