Artifact while rendering 3d tiles in the cesium viewer


I have an asset uploaded on Cesium Ion which is causing a rendering artifact. When I zoom into the map to a certain extent, the rendered 3d tiles show up, the moment I zoom in even more, the 3d tile disappears.

Before zooming in

After zooming in

Can anyone help me with this?


Here is the AssetID: 1294242 and the CesiumJS version: 1.92.

Hi @deven-gqc - it seems like some geometry is extending beyond its bounding volumes. My guess is that these longer road segments belong to tiles that go out of view once you’re zoomed in.

I noticed that the data was uploaded as pre-tiled 3D Tiles. You may need to file a bug in the tool that generated the 3D Tiles.

Peek 2022-09-21 09-32