3DTile pointcloud scaleByDistance

Is there any option available to scale the pointSize of points in a 3D tile point Cloud by view distance? I would like points that are close to the viewer to appear larger than points in the distance. This helps sparse point clouds appear to fill more of the screen.

  1. something like the ‘scaleByDistance’ capability of PointPrimitive would work,
  2. define a ‘distance’ expression that can account for the distance to the camera.

It appears that neither of these options work. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi there,

Due to the dynamic nature of the camera position, I don’t know if a 3D Tiles Style is the best approach as it would involve updating and re-compiling the style.

One option is a CustomShader. It requires writing lower-level graphics code, but you should be able to achieve effects styling 3D Tiles based on camera position.