3rd party cookie - GDPR compliance?

It appears CesiumJS adds a 3rd party cookie when loaded, I assume to track things like number of calls to Bing Maps, etc?

In a single page web application imported from CDN, is there a recommended way to request from the user whether they will accept this 3rd party cookie?

The two solutions that I’ve come up with are to 1.) add a landing page which redirects to the single page web app when the cookie is accepted 2.) take all CesiumJS functionality and dynamically load it after the cookie is accepted which will require some restructuring of design and implementation of my app.

I guess I’m hoping this has been encountered or that there’s a solution that’s been recommended or worked for others for a single page web app?

Hi there,

I’m not sure I am seeing cookies being added when using a CDN as described in the Quickstart tutorial. Can you help me duplicate the behavior you are seeing?

I do see cookies added when viewing the demos at sandcastle.cesium.com, but that is only at the cesium.com pages and is for analytics tracking.


Doing some additional homework it looks like the cookies showed in my browser dev tools on my site when I visit it (localhost for now.) When I deleted them they didn’t return though.

I’m not familiar with the mechanism, but on another third party forum (for FontAwesome icons) they mentioned that cookies would only show in the browser on your site when using their CDN link if you had been to their website previously.

Maybe this is a similar issue where they will show on a site using CesiumJS if you’ve previously viewed sandcastle demos?

I’m away from my personal computer for a bit but will try to replicate what I saw on my site and report back. Thank you for the response. Either way this does seem fine to me after seeing that the deleted cookie didn’t return just from loading and navigating my individual site, so it should be fine for compliance without any extra steps.

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Thanks! Sounds good. Let us know if you find anything unexpected!