A 3D Tile failed to load: undefined t.b3dm 401

I get the error A 3D Tile failed to load: undefined t.b3dm 401, when I try to filter the tiles. Attached image.

This is the code:

import { load } from ‘@loaders.gl/core’
import { Tiles3DLoader } from ‘@loaders.gl/3d-tiles’
import { Tileset3D } from ‘@loaders.gl/tiles’
import { WebMercatorViewport } from ‘@deck.gl/core’

const tilesetUrl = this.handleUrl “https://assets.cesium.com/96188/tileset.json?v=13
const options = {
‘3d-tiles’: {
isTileset: true,
headers: { Authorization: Bearer ${this.handleToken} }
const tilesetJson = await load(tilesetUrl, Tiles3DLoader, options)

const tileset3d = new Tileset3D(tilesetJson, {
onTileLoad: tile => console.log(‘tile**’, tile)

const viewport = new WebMercatorViewport()

const visibleTiles = tileset3d.tiles.filter(tile => tile.selected)

console.log(‘visibleTiles**’, visibleTiles)

Hi @jgonzalez - welcome to the community! Are you able to run our Sandcastles without issues (i.e. the world terrain Sandcastle)? If so, are you able to load your asset from ion using the IonResource.fromAssetId function? See this Sandcastle as an example.