Can't render 3d tileset on cesium

We are developing a 3d tiling component for 3d tiles. We generate tileset but can’t render b3dm models on cesium js. We receive an error :

A 3D tile failed to load: http://localhost:8080/Apps/SampleData/Cesium3DTiles/tile2/0.b3dm?v=1.2.3

Error: Invalid typed array length: 2028

Error is generic and could not figure it out why we receive this. We need some help. You can find the tileset at attaching files. (595 KB)

I would try using the unminified version of Cesium and running it locally. You’ll get the same error but you’ll be able to see a meaningful stack trace to see where you can see exactly what goes wrong in the loading process.

You can also see the 3D Tiles samples and samples generator here as reference to compare your tilesets against: