A good day for the little format that could

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A good day for the little format that could

via Planet OSGeo by Sean Gillies on 5/10/13

Today was a pretty good day for the GeoJSON format.

Josh Livni announced on Twitter that the Google Map Engine API had been published. The little format that could has a good role in the API.

Ed Summers blogged about wikigeo.js, a library that gives you a GeoJSON interface to Wikipedia API results. Ed is absolutely right about how usable and right-for-the-web mapping software has become since younger web developers and designers have started to displace the older earth science programmers like myself.

A good example of which is Tom MacWright’s edit geojson app; draw a shape and copy the GeoJSON representation, paste some GeoJSON and render the shape.

The business of geospatial standardization may have hit a rough patch recently, but things aren’t all bad. Developers are still finding ways to agree, share, and do good work.

Things you can do from here:

Thanks for sharing. I dig the app to create GeoJSON files.


http://macwright.org/edit-geojson/ looks nice too


This converts KML into GeoJSON, in a browser or with nodejs.

It is

Written in vanilla javascript that's jshint-friendly