About FlyTo Component

I Try To Update New Module version,
Now Use Fly To Comp to travel Pawn to location .
But i found sm question :
That when I near terrain to move so far position that the view can saw whole earth , and I Bind Event Flight Complete : print “End.”

When I first to rotate view its not to move, That I cant move again long time. or I can change speedmulti, but if i change that var . speed will suddenly so quick.

Hi @qq250192902,

I’m afraid I can’t understand your question. Can you try to explain in further detail what you mean? If you’re not a native English speaker, you’re welcome to write it in your original language; we can use Google Translate.

如果我的第一次操作并不是移动pawn,而是旋转我的Controller .这个时候我将再无法移动我的pawn了。

Hi @qq250192902,

If I’m understanding correctly: you’re reporting a bug where if you interrupt a DynamicPawn’s flight above the Earth, it gets stuck?

I’ve noticed this issue too, and I have written a Github issue for it here. In the mean time, you can try double-tapping the “G” key to quickly disable and re-enable dynamic speed. This resets the calculation for dynamic speed and hopefully helps you get unstuck.