Dynamic Pawn jolts on landing

Hello good people of Cesium,

I’ve been using the dynamic pawn to travel between different sublevels on different parts of the globe, following the logic described in this tutorial (Transition Between Locations on the Globe – Cesium), transitioning between them using your Fly to Location Latitude Height node in the level blueprint. It almost works, but on landing there is always a slight jolt in the cameras position. This also seems to happen when moving between different geomarkers in one sublevel.

Do you see this in the Cesium for Unreal Samples project as well? Can you share a video showing the problem?

The issue was present in the cesium samples project too. I don’t have a video I can send one in a few days, but what happens is the dynamic pawn comes to land and then jolts its view and position.

This may have been fixed in this PR…

What version of the cesium plugin are you using?

I’m using 2.2.0, the problem is still present. Here is a short video showing the issue, https://youtu.be/yPa1B7iGTAE, it looks like this code is present in the cesium 2.2.0 plugin I am using, but the problem still remains.

I can clearly see the problem in the “close location” portion of your video, but I can’t see anything similar in the Samples project on my own system. Can you walk us through what you’re doing in detail, step-by-step, so that we can reproduce it ourselves?

This is the graph in my level blueprint which triggers the fly to sydney action. I followed these two tutorials to set up for sublevels and global transitions, Transition Between Locations on the Globe – Cesium, Building Global Scenes with Georeferenced Sublevels – Cesium

This is the location the pawn is at before I press one and trigger the flight to Sydney.

Ok, does that mean that the level 4 or level 12 in the Samples project don’t show this problem? It only shows up when using this custom Blueprint code?

That’s right yes, there doesn’t seem to be any camera stutter in those example levels, I’ll see if there is any difference in how I’ve set the fly to locations.

I have now found the same problem of landing jolts in map 12 of the cesium samples project. No additional code added to the level blueprint, no settings changed for the cesium tileset or dynamic pawn - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4igcP0Yly4 - either the skipping only occurs when a higher level of detail tileset is loaded or it always happens but you only notice it when high LOD tiles are loaded (in the sample project typically only a low level of tile detail is loaded on landing in a new location).

Ok, I can definitely see it in your video. Can you tell me the steps you used to make it happen? It looks like maybe you made the transition time longer, for one thing?

Hi Kevin, yes I set the dynamic pawn fly to duration to 20 seconds instead of the default 5 seconds, masking the jolt by just having a fast fly to speed isn’t really viable for the experience I’m trying to make, this is the only parameter I changed in level 12 of the sample project.

Thanks @Elfed_TB, I was able to reproduce the problem. I opened an issue describing the problem here:

And a pull request with the fix here:

Hi Kevin, is there any chance of a patch to the unreal engine marketplace plugin to resolve this issue?

It will be included in the next release, in early February.

In the meantime, you can grab a build from the main branch, now that the PR has been merged into main.