Transition between more than one geo-marker

I’m a UE newbie trying to build on what I’ve learnt completing the “Transition Between Locations on the Globe” tutorial. I’d like to make a smooth Dynamic Pawn flight transition using more than one geo-marker.

I was hoping somebody might be able to answer two questions I have related to this:

  1. I’ve set up a blueprint with multiple transitions - see attached image). I can easily set a keyboard trigger for both transitions, but ideally what I would like to do is automatically trigger the second transition when the first ends. Does anybody know how I can achieve this?

  2. Can I assign a different set of “Fly to” curves to each Dynamic Pawn transition?

I would also appreciate any recommendations/learning resources for alternative approaches to making fly overs.

Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


For (1), you should be able to subscribe to the OnFlightComplete event on the DynamicPawn. You’ll have to keep track of which transition you’re currently doing in order to decide whether, when the event is raised, to start the next transition or not.

For (2), it looks like the curves are currently not set to be Blueprint editable. I don’t think there’s any good reason for this. This was some rather old code in Cesium for Unreal, and I think we just didn’t realize at the time that EditAnywhere means “anywhere other than Blueprints.” :laughing:

I wrote an issue for this, and we would welcome a pull request with the change if you’re up for it:


Thanks for getting back to me @Kevin_Ring - I’ll have a play around. Would love to contribute to (2), but still very much at the bottom of the learning curve. Maybe I’ll get there one day :crossed_fingers:


Hi @Luke_Mahoney,

Just an update: a fix for this was contributed and merged into ue4-main last week. It will be included in the next release of Cesium for Unreal. :slight_smile:

Fantastic - thanks @janine