Cesium Unreal Move location

Good day,

Can someone assist me to move the location in UE5, I have tried the online workflow but the location ends up in the air and dont see anything?



Hi Andre,

I’ve made your question public so that others can join in if they have any ideas.

Can you share screenshots or a video of the issue? Images of your blueprint or code snippets would also be helpful.


Uploading: image.png…

Hello Alex, I am flying the aircraft and the dynamic sky towards a static object, why the sky always tilts after I get to the position, I tried the two functions on the right, but no effect, can you help me? thank!

Hello @huofu,

It looks like you’re using Ultra Dynamic Sky, which is not created or maintained by Cesium. I haven’t worked with that asset so my advice may be limited.

That being said, I suspect this is happening because the world origin isn’t being changed when you move between locations. Can you check to see if the Keep World Origin Near Camera setting is enabled on your CesiumGeoreference actor? Enabling it might help.

Alternatively, you can manually set the georeference origin in your Blueprint. There should be a node that you can call from the CesiumGeoreference node to set the Georeference Origin to a Longitude, Latitude, Height value. Try setting it to your new location after the rest of the movement logic in your graph.

Please let me know if that helps.


Hi,Alex. I think I know what the problem is. I need to update the origin position after moving. Set the latitude and longitude of CesiumGeoreference Actor. Thank you very much for your advice, my friend.

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