CesiumGeoreference Jumps Back to Default Location

Hello, I’m new to Cesium for Unreal.
I have completed the beginner tutorial and have it working in Unreal 4.27.

Amazingly impressive!

I am able to change the lat lon of the CesiumGeoreference node, and the location updates correctly.
However, when I build and play, the lat lon reverts back to the default location.

I’m using Cesium SunSky, Dynamic Pawn, Cesium World Terrain + Bing Maps Aerial imagery.
The first attached image is a lat lon for West Marin, which is where I want to be in this test.
The 2nd screen grab is what I see when I press play. Which is a different location.

Even after I press the button CesiumGeoreference/Cesium/Place Georeference Origin Here button.

What am I missing?

I realized that I need to zero out the translation on the DynamicPawn.
Now I’m in the location I want during play mode.
Problem solved.

Hi @syntheticperson,

Thanks for using our plugin! To avoid future confusion, note that the Dynamic Pawn as well as other Cesium actors are “georeferenced” to the globe. This means that when you place them down, they will stay attached relative to the same spot on the globe. So when you change the georeference (i.e., when you change the positioning / orientation of the entire globe within Unreal), “georeferenced” actors like the Dynamic Pawn will move with the globe.