flyTo confusion

I have carefully studied the official document of cesium for UE
But it’s still confusing

  1. click Place Georeference Origin,Does it mean that the origin of the current scene has been moved to the origin of UE?
    2.Every time I make dynamic adjustments, DynamicPawn is very laborious. I remember we can use HeadingPitchRoll to adjust posture. Is there a similar function?
    3.I saw a tutorial with a flight path, but I want to fly from one point to another by clicking on an event, which is very smooth. Is there any other way of thinking?
  1. “Place Georeference Origin Here” takes whatever global coordinates the Editor camera is at, and sets them as the Georeference origin. This means the global location of your camera becomes the Unreal origin.
  2. There is no HeadingPitchRoll in Cesium for Unreal, but you can adjust the rotation of the DynamicPawn like any other Unreal object. Additionally, as the DynamicPawn moves across the Earth, it automatically rotates itself so it stays upright, even as the curvature changes.
  3. I don’t understand this question. It seems like you would want to use the FlyToLocation functions in DynamicPawn. If you need something different, please describe what you want in more detail.

Thank you very much for your help. I would like to fly from one place to another, which is also to adjust the x y z of DynamicPawn?

So you want to fly from one location from another. Then yes, you should use the FlyToLocation functions on DynamicPawn.

If you need more help, check out this tutorial on our website: Transition Between Locations on the Globe – Cesium

I will try, thank you very much