There is a problem with the ue5.1 version of cesium

Click on “Place Georeference Origin Here” in “Cesium Georeference”
”“If you use DynamicPawn to move around here, there is no problem, but if you move very far away, you will not be able to lower the height,”,
Especially if Pawn is born at a very distant distance from the ue coordinates (0,0,0), Pawn will automatically fly up uncontrollably
I recorded a video.
Below is the video link

This issue did not exist in the UE 5.0 version
Please reply as soon as possible. I am in a hurry to develop a project based on cesium,
Thank you.

This has been addressed here. FlyToLocation arrives at location, then flies straight up - #4 by sewellkr3

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Thank you very much :kissing_heart: