Dynamic Pawn weird behaviour, pulling me to the world origin

Hi! So I’ve been following step by step all of the documentation and tutorials from the Cesium for Unreal documentation and I’ve noticed that my dynamic pawn behaves weird whenever I press play, zoom out of the map, and try to go to a different location, it seems that my pawn is being pulled toward my georeference origin and is not letting me move freely trough the globe.
At first, i thought this was normal behaviour and that the dynamic pawn was configured just to move freely around a certain area and not the entire world, so i kept going.
Now, I was on the Transition Between Locations on the Globe documentation, and my blueprints seems to work fine, and i get a smooth dynamic pawn camera animation to my target location, but once that animation is finished, then I get pulled again (very violent) towards what appears to be my georeference origin. I’ve read from the documentation a bunch of times, started from scratch, but I get the same Dynamic pawn behaviour. Do I need to link any other property or am i missing something? THANKS a lot for your help, this plugin for unreal is awesome

In the World Settings of the level, is Enable Bounds Check enabled? That may be causing the problem.

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Thanks, this was the problem, i’ve just disabled the “Enable World bounds check” and now it works as intended.